“We feel obliged to share the fruits of our effort with people who don’t enjoy the advantages we do.”

David Langford, MD and Chief Investment Analyst

A Better Quality of Life for ASD Families

Long Lake Research is the founding corporate partner of the Critical Window Foundation.

The Foundation is being established to assist the families of pre and early infants school children that have recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Its objectives include:

  • Providing financial assistance to families who are unable to afford therapy because of the costs of early intervention

  • Assisting in meeting additional costs such as therapy materials

  • Giving respite to parents

  • Offering anti-bullying counselling to ASD children and their families

  • Funding anti-discrimination actions against those who unfairly discriminate against ASD children, their families and carers

  • Funding additional training of teachers in best practice behaviour management

  • Financing research into the management and treatment of ASD