We offer bespoke industry and stock research services to our institutional investor clients.
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try this web-site We search the world for best practices and opportunities in businesses that demonstrate corporate agility. We look specifically at these stocks’ portfolio characteristics and risk/return relationships. We don’t focus on one sector, but rather dig deeply into opportunities we identify within Australia and across global markets. Our regular research publication is called “The Activist Analyst”.

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important site We offer bespoke industry and stock research services to our institutional investor clients. This helps in both their critical risk/return decisions and how they construct their portfolios.

AGILE EQUITY PORTFOLIO opzioni binarie 60 iq We construct a concentrated stock portfolio of the globe's most agile companies which we consider will be best placed to benefit from the impacts of innovation and disruption. Please contact us for more information.

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STRATEGIC & ACTIVIST ADVICE We partner with corporate boards and management teams to become proactive in how they manage the forces of innovation and disruption. We focus on how best to invest incremental capital to boost the growth of stakeholder returns. We also use our global research work to the advantage of Australian institutional investors, to help them play a more active role in their interactions with investee companies.


strategie base opzioni binarie We seek to be a trusted source of expertise to emerging analysts and financial managers. Through mentorship and sharing our unique approach to research and investment, we aim to sharpen their critical analytical and communication skills. We also look beyond our own skill set. We will host regular presentations from pioneers and recognized authorities in a broad range of fields. Proceeds from these presentations will be donated to the Critical Window Foundation, which assists children with autism and their families.